Feeling Honored

A little surprised to receive a Volunteer of the Year award from the Connecticut and Rhode Island Region of the American Red Cross. It was especially nice to receive this in Rhode Island where I began my Red Cross volunteering 56 years ago.  It brought back years of memories of great times and friendships.

New Car

I’ve recently leased a new 2015 Nissan Murano.  Since having the car, it’s made more trips (and mileage) back and forth to the dealer than anything else.  First let me be clear: I love the Murano.  It’s been a total pleasure to drive.  But there have been a couple of needed tweaks:

One of the taillight segments wasn’t working. The problem was a losse or broken connector which was repaired in a couple of minutes.

Next was a loose piece of chrome trim.  This was due to “loss of tension in the clips” (according to the write-up.  Anyway, another minor issue that was…or more correctly, is being addressed.

Probably the most exasperating is the paperwork for the lease.  While the folks at the dealership are a pleasure to work with, it seems like the folks at the leasing company keep changing the forms–or requirements for the forms–and we’ve had to return twice to re-sign them after the initial signing.

But to end, let me repeat this is a great vehicle.  And at my age, it’s nice having a car that’s smarter than I am. Okay, that’s not saying much.  Then again, it’s a shame all drivers don’t have such a vehicle; most of them seem pretty stupid these days.

2015-03-11 09.40.54

Old Friend

Had a call from an old friend the other day.  He had received our Christmas card and was worried, that since there wasn’t any note in it, we might not be doing so well.  (The truth is more related to laziness than anything else.)

Anyway, Vincent and I first me in kindergarten in September, 1949.  We went all through school together.  The town we grew up in (Lincoln, RI) didn’t have a high school back then, and we both opted to go to Hope High in Providence.  My father and I would give Vincent a ride to school in the morning, and we rode the bus home together in the afternoon.  After high school, we both went to Wentworth Institute pf Technology in Boston, where we were roommates.  After Wentworth, we went our separate ways, but within a couple of years, we both ended up working in the same department at Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut.  After another few years, Vincent enlisted in the Air Force and I moved on to jobs at other companies…but some time later, we both ended up back at Pratt & Whitney and, of course, in the same department again!  We both stayed there this time till we each retired.

Vincent lost his wife last January, from complications after a fall on some black ice.  Otherwise it sounds like he’s doing well.  Is daughter is living with him, and he remains active in the area.  He also attends get-togethers with other retirees from P&W for luncheons and some breakfasts.

When we were kids, he was always into model trains.  He still is.  And he “hangs around” a local railroad near his house, where they maintain a sort of railroad museum.  Sounds like he’s even talked his way into operating the real engines, too.

It was great to hear from him, and I’ll have to try to be more pro-active in the future with keeping in touvh.

Where Have I Been?

Okay, so it’s been a while.  I’ve pretty much ignored this site.  Of course, no one ever checks it anyway (do they?)!  Will I be more prolific in the coming days…or years?  Who knows?  Not I.  But my mind is getting cluttered with a lot of rants, and this is as good a place as any to unleash them.

Watch this space for future postings.  Maybe!!!

In The Ditch

Squeeling tires got me to look out the window this morning to discover a car in the ditch by my neighbor’s yard. By the time I made it to the window, my neighbor who had been working in his yard, was talking to the driver, who was ready standing beside the car.

Car in ditch

Fortunately no one was hurt, .but it’s difficult to understand how the car ended up in that position.

It was later determined that the Chinese cowboy, Tex Ting, may have played a role in the incident.