Mid-November Already !?

It’s true. The older you get, the faster time flies. I’m not even ready for summer yet, and it’s long over. Sue and I both have colds (or something) which we will recover from soon. Otherwise, it’s a fairly quiet time in out lives.

But of course, we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving. We plan to host Carlene’s family at our house. We have a turkey and ham which we will use, and Sue is planning to prepare her sausage dressing/stuffing. Carlene’s crew will provide the side dishes – although I’m hoping Sue will fix creamed onions for me.

There are a few wildfires in the area. None are close to us, but due to a weather “inversion”, there is plenty of smoke in the air. I haven’t had any noticeable trouble breathing yet, but won’t be surprised if something develops – particularly with my cold.

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