Where Have I Been?

And so, another half-year has passed since my last blog post. And again, I’m not sure why it has been so long…except maybe that I don’t feel like I’ve anything to write about )or should that be “about which to write?”

Life here in Cleveland, TN jas been the same. I continue to volunteer for the Red Cross locally almost every morning. I also volunteer virtually for the Red Cross’ Connecticut and Rhode Island Region and am starting to help their Crossroads Divison (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia…so I’m keeping busy.

This coming Tuesday (June 20th) will me mu son, Tom’s, 51st birthday. There’s nothing like having grown kids (or in my case, the singular “kid”) to make you feel old. Of course, there are my two grandsons, Andrew and Will to help my that feeling.

Took the car (2015 Nissan Murano) in for routine service this week. Had the 25,000-mile service performed even though the car only has 23,553 miles on it. The service department also found the source of the rattle over the right side front door. They ordered a new rail and replaced it on Thursday. When they did, the discovered another rattle related to a drip strip, which they also replaced. That seems to have fixed it, but we’ll be keeping “an ear out for it” to make sure it’s gone before next month’s trip up north.

1 thought on “Where Have I Been?”

  1. When one of those rattles is eventually traced back to the car owner, or his hearing, we hope that the mechanic is kind and says “what rattle? Must be just road noise!

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